Tuesday, April 28, 2009

British Invasion?!?

As those loyal readers may have noticed (or not-whatevs), I've assumed the saying 'out with the old, in with the new!' After learning that the playlist may have actually been listened to once or twice I thought it was about time to mix it up a bit! I was going to keep some of my favourite older songs but the playlist took much too long to load so I figure I'd hit The Easy Button this time (aka deletage). Here we have some of the more recent songs and artists I've talked about and a few that I hope to write about in the future. A bit more of an indie/folktronic/rock thing going on so stay tuned!

Who I'd really like to talk about for today is another UK group who I've just discovered! "Tunng" is an experimental folk band who released their first album (of a total of three) back in 2004. Tunng seems to use many unusual instruments and they definitely have an original sound because of it. Their vocals seem quite unprofessional, I think it also has a boldness to it which gives them more character. What I especially love about this group is their attention to the finer details of sound. They're one of those bands whose songs you can constantly listen to and you'll always pick up new tracks and sounds in the background. It keeps them interesting. However, their song on the playlist is one I've had on repeat for the last ... oh does time really matter? haha So! The Pioneer be the song, and it is a cover of Bloc Party (who I believe also did it as a cover...), and you may recognize it since it was played in the third season of The OC (I knew it was uber familiar). I love the guitar, I love that the tempo is so fast but it's a soft sound and I love the lyrics! So even though this isn't actually an original of theirs and you don't quite hear all the crazy-awesome instruments they use, you get a sampling with this one. Check out their other stuff!

Enjoy! Sampanthera

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Oh. lots of updates since I last visited~

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