Monday, November 2, 2009

Indie Fever

So it's been a while. How you doing? Seriously, sincere apologies for utter abandonment. On the bright side there's only so much more to share with you! Let's get down to bees-nass fellows.

Utter indie obsession as of late, and I can't get tired of off-beat percussion, nonsensical lyrics and muted wailing vocals. ...Maybe that's not the greatest description. Banda numero uno del dia (that was to satisfy all my latin american followers): The Ting Tings. British duo with a bold sound made with simple effects and mastered with intricate timing and multiple,
multiple over-dubs. Warning! Traces of lead singer Katie White's accent is noted to be found in their tracks (which should be reason enough to give them a listen). While clean-cut harmonies, and rounds are added byother band
member and songwriter Jules De Martino. Together these guys have everything to make a good indie/alt-pop sound, as may be noted from all of the TV series that their songs have appeared on. That's Not My Name being the most popular, although I personally really enjoy Great DJ.

Here's another quicky just because I've been so lazy. Although this one is much more well know, and should be if you know your Mac iPod commercials (oh Mac, you know how to do
everything right<3).>The Asteroids Galaxy Tour. Danish-band-with-horns-says-what?! Yes, who'd think horns could be so catchy (Sorry folks I'm defs not a windwoods person), but this band is a huge exception to my usual horn-criticism! Around The Bend was used for one of the international iPod commercials last year which helped to send this upcoming band into the spotlight. They describe their style as psychedelic pop, but whatever it is, this is the perfect beat to walk down the street and pretend you own the city with. I recommend it (not just the song, but the walking/pretend-your-important thing too). Aha.

Okies so if anyone is still with me on this, I hope this is satisfactory!
As for me, I am going to procrastinate study for Spanish test more.
Yours, S.

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