Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Gargantuan Quantum of Musical Goodness

Sunday afternoon
more textbook readings
(multiplied by)
A Gargantuan Quantum of Musical Goodness
*gasp* :O (!)

Watch and be entertained as your mind dissolves into a ball of artistic righteousness. Just go with it.

1.)Two Weeks - Grizzly Bear
This version is simply adorable! (but please, say that word with a french accent). I love how the film was shot and the cute world at the end! I wish I could spend the afternoon there instead of the -10 we're currently at?? Plus this version is so much nicer then their other one for the same song. If you want to see disturbing search it up.

2.) Moray McLaren - We Got Time
Firstly, I have to say that this is like one of the coolest music videos I've seen in a while. The music is ok, but the video itself from a filming perspective is quite nice. Simple yet definitely effective. Waaaatch iiiiitt.

3.) Matt and Kim - Lesson Learned
Slow going beginning, but keep watching because it gets better. Trust me. Wait for the twist at the end (you'll know what I mean). And by the way, my team.

4.) Kid606 - Mr. Wobble's Nightmare
Comments. Can I comment on this?!? Is this even a music video?!? haha. If you enjoy a healthy dose of ridiculousness, live action vs. animation, fruit and murder. I have found the video for you! I think it gets better the more you watch it, but really I wouldn't know.

5.) Passion Pit - The Reeling
So it's questionable whether or not I would listen to this song without the music video, but I actually really like the music video! I dunno about you, but it makes me wish I could be jumping around in it! So I suppose I would consider liking the song after seeing the video. Hmm. I'm feeling like I'm not portraying this as a good jam. Ah! One way to find out! Tell me what you think.

6.)Devendra Barnhart-Carmensita
I stand very corrected. THIS is absolutely the most obscurely odd video ever. Sung in Spanish to an Indian theme with captions non-related and yes, that is Natalie Portman.
(It's almost as bad as R.Kelly)

7.) Sigur Ros-Hoppipolla
I fell in love with this when it was introduced to me a while ago from a friend :) It pretty much summarizes our childhood. Quite possibly out senior-ship as well.

8.) Animal Collective - My Girls
Older song, great band. Music video?: Is a bit of an acid trip. If you like colours! ....

9.) Department Of Eagles - No One Does It Like You
Ok so this is just weird. Even for me. However, it's wonderful if you are tired of the mainstream media that is fed to us. Just be warned it is eccentric, that's all I'm saying.

10.) Matt and Kim- Daylight
Alright, sure these folks have already been on this list once, but they’re new to me so suck it up. I love this guy seriously! (still on my team) He is just so happy/giddy/smiley!

I am going to pretend that this is not a huge FAIL and that I have not copied this from a Facebook note of mine....No, this was strictly blog info. ... yessss........


Monday, January 25, 2010

Finally Something Personal?

And now to finally prove to the world that yes, Sampanthera does in fact play the guitar. I wrote this one a while ago now about a street name in Windsor and after watching the movie Once. It helped to inspire the song a lot actually. I was aiming to record a demo CD this past summer, however because of work less then half of the songs were completed. This being one of my personal favs was chosen on a crisp (perhaps slightly partied out after morning catch my drift) day where I pranced about Kingston with finger puppets and my camcorder to make a (hopefully) semi-entertaining video to accompany the music. There may be nothing better then filming nothing in a city and discovering what you've been missing out on. Here's the puzzle pieces put together. And no I did not in fact construct that snowdoll. I stumbled upon a hobo's makeshift shelter and I witnessed it for the first time along with my rolling film. I didn't realize that snow could show me such a raw, basic human emotion. Just to have companionship. Just something to love.

Anywho, it's sloppy. It's supposed to be. It was made for the sake of prancing with my mittens. Hope you enjoy it!


Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Musical Goodness

Welcome to twentyten everybody! It is my great pleasure to introduce to you the new playlist, filled with a random assortment of indie, folk, and alternative. These are some of my newer favs and some older ones which I haven't talked about yet. Unfortunately the html code doesn't completely fit the website so I have it playing on random (hint, if you'd like a bit more control, you can find the pop-out screen button on the bottom which will bring it out to a new window).

There's a few artists who I've recently spoke about, such as Ani DiFranco, Jets Overhead and...actually that may be it right now.

Anywhozzer! Take a sneak peak for what's coming up next!