Monday, February 23, 2009

My Worst Creeper Moment...Ever!

So here's a chance where I could share a bit about my own music. Unfortunately the story that goes along with it is slight (Edit-scratch: A lot) creepery. I happened to write a song a while ago inspired by a certain boy I might fancy, and I have finally recorded it last night. And what do you know while on the bus I have a perfect view of him waiting outside. As I turn on my music, how ironic that was the last song I was listening to. Perfect cinematography moment though!: Soppy teenage girl sitting on the bus while her crush waits in the snowy coldness, only some headphones and glass window separate her creepiness from the creepee. ...that's not a word... Anyway lets save the personal stories!

Song of the day is inspired by last nights Oscars! Slumdog Millionaire. The little, low budget movie that could! Really good movie if you do get a chance to see it. It deserved all the awards it received! O Saya from the soundtrack would be todays song. Featuring MIA and AR Rahman, it's upbeat and has an action energy to it. While listening to it I can envision James Bond running around India though haha. Although random verse of Spanish in the middle of it-? No clue! So there's our culture song for the next bit!

Sorry I've been unfaithful in the updates! Online courses are a pain to catch up on.
Yours, Sampanthera

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Count Sickula

So being sick is all nice an fun for a day of sitting on your butt and watching Jim Henson DVDs, but there comes a time when the maddness simply must stop! Missing the basketball game because of a virus? *gasp* :O Terrible I know, and now I must get better!

To do that, I have been constantly listening to todays song: Funeral Dress by William Fitzsimmons. Slightly morbid name, and it's not the most upbeat song either, but it's just what you need when your feeling a bit under the weather! Mr. Fitzsimmons was born to two blind parents (and I thought I had it bad) and therefore grew up to a wide assortment of different musical sounds. If you are a fan of Death Cab For Cutie or Iron & Wine I strongly suggest giving this man a try. If you do, I know you'll be grateful because his unique melodies, soothing voice and emotional lyrics are just what a person needs for a pick-me (you?)-up sometimes! So give him a chance!

That's it for now as I am going to hopefully make a nice chai tea and take another 18 hour nap.

Cheers fellows!
Yours, Sampanthera

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Like my nice attempt at Roman numerals in the title? Oh so classy.

So todays song is one I've been listening to for a while now! School of Seven Bells is a band from New York with the vocals by twins sisters whose names I cannot remember! However I do know they are playing in Detroit on Feb. 13th and you can go see them for only $12! :O I know! But I can't go because of other obligations and also the minor transportation issue. But my favourite song of theirs Half Asleep is added on the playlist so you can listen to it here; it is numero 10 ! I know there are some technical difficulties with this thing (it may glitch a bit at first but be patient with it, it only needs some love). I also got bored one day while listening to it, so I painted some lyrics in my journal (Sorry for the low quality picture from my phone-this is sort of for the artist who gave my the paints since she requested some pictures :). It's a bit more techno/electronic/synth-pop or whatever people call it these days, but I've really enjoyed it!

Word for today? Rancor, meaning hate. Just like how I hate my poor moral choices.

This should be enough rambling for one day! Enjoy the snow folks, and go out sledding and maybe I'll see you there.

Faithfully yours, Sampanthera