Sunday, April 19, 2009


All day I have been mentally going through songs and bands that I haven't yet mentioned and that are note-worthy of bloggage, and it occurred to me that I haven't rambled about this underground British band whose album in only available in the US of A and the great UK herself: I give you Passenger! This folk/rock/acoustic/other band is [slightly] new in the music scene and hasen't really made it anywhere big yet. I'm actually hoping they don't make it too 'big' because inevitably their sound would change and I like it just the way it is. :] Their most popular song is probably Night Vision Binoculars, which is pretty fun and somehow always manages to put a smile on my face, although it's a huge creeper song and since I already have a creeper post I figured that's enough. The song I am currently listening to is called Four Horses, and even though the beginning is pretty slow, I love this song for sentimental reasons because at times his voice reminds me of James Taylor (which reminds me of childhood). Other favs are Wicked Man's Rest and Do What You Like. So I've really enjoyed their stuff (a thank you to Scorchy for the special delivered Christmas gift :) So they're worth giving a try. They can be tricky to find but you can find most of their music at their website: The picture is the lead singer and founder Mike Rosenberg, which I had to add because he's got that cute British thing going on. *this is me not oogling over pretty British musician*

Chip chip cheerio mates!

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insistonrobots said...

lyke omg, i will def chek dem out
i tink i lyke u and ur blog.
let be frandss kay?
would read this again