Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Second Chances

Funny how life continues to surprise you with even the little things. For example, I absolutely despise seafood, however I've discovered through grease-sopping cafeteria food that if you have fish sticks that are more batter than aquatic vertebrate, the meal is actually amazing. Disgustingly greasy but none-the-less, amazing. Perhaps this is appropriate for my opinion about Ani DiFranco. (Wait. No I was not implying that she is greasy....) I was introduced to her a bit over a year ago and I thought I could enjoy the soothingness of her guitar, but somehow we just could not click. Maybe it was her slightly unorganized lyrics, but whatever it was I didn't like, I suppose I'm musically prepared to thoroughly enjoy her now. It's been an odd and rapid transformation over the past few days, but I'm pleased I've finally been able to appreciate her.

Ani DiFranco was born to two folkish musicians which would explain how she adopted her own folk/rock style of music and passion for the industry. She has released over 20 albums, and even began her own record company called Righteous Records. Most of her songs deal with all of those delightful topics such as religion, politics, racism and sexuality. A risky move I'd say because you will either love her or hate her for it, but I'm actually gaining quite a bit of respect for her boldness. I don't think I could incorporate such disputed topics in my own songs. So as mentioned before, she does have over 20 albums, and I obviously haven't been able to listen (or find) them all, so I'm limited to only what I've listened to, but her most recent album, Canon, has been most enchanting. Joyful Girl, and 32 Flavors would have to be my preferred songs. Joyful Girl is my typical quiescent taste so it's a bit of a given for me. 32 Flavors would also be another one that stands out in my mind. Easy listening, almost an Alannis Morrissette sound to it as well. So if you'd like to check her out, try any of these, but remember if you don't like them then try another song of her's because you're bound to come across something of her's that you'll like. I'm determined that you like her!!!! Or at least give her a second chance :]

On an ending comical note, I heard the most retarded cover of Paper Planes today by The Da Vincis. You listen to it and you're like wow these men are wasting their time, but half-way through you realize how funny it is. I love it and can't get enough of it now as it is most definitely better than the original. :P

A final note: Happy New Years! May the coming year be filled with more jams! And my motivation stay will the blog!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

What's Overhead?

What is better than a good band? This is no trick question; it's obviously a good Canadian band! The up-and-coming ambient rock band from Victoria BC, Jets Overhead, is slowly appearing more frequently on the radio with their new album No Nations. This five piece group started out in 2006 with Bridges, they made the album available for free downloads because, hey, everyone illegally downloads anyways, so why not start something new? ( a year later Radiohead adopted the idea and received much more publicity for it).

What does Jets Overhead offer to music aficionados? Jets not only uses your tradish rock instruments like their soft lead guitar, but incorporates piano/syths to offset the percussion and bass. They also use effective harmonies between male/female lead singers, providing the correct amount of transtastical resonance.

Jets Overhead have been on tour with Lights over the last few months, and I was fortunate enough to have seen them about a month ago (don't ask why I don't update after actually going to shows. I have no reasonable answer). They preform a good live show, and lead singer Adam Kittredge keeps the energy coming, overall they definitely sold me after the first two songs they played. Headed For Nowhere is probably their current most recognizable song, but Sun Sun Sun is the most played of their's on my iTunes as that was their opening song that I most enjoyed.

I've really enjoyed listening to their music, and that's not only because they are Canadian and also watch Flight Of The Conchords :P I do hope you enjoy them, because it looks like we shall get more of them in the future! Or so I'm hoping....

Hasta Luego,

P.S. I want to apologize for my ridiculous spelling errors. I was rereading the last two and I was horrified, and when I tried to correct myself I happened upon more technical difficulties with editing posts. Grah. So now I have to look like an imbecile for those posts. In my pathetic defence, these usually are written when I'm half asleep. Lamesauce answer, I know I know.

Best For Last?

I cannot believe my screen. I cannot believe that I have posted nothing, indeed, nothing about Apostle Of Hustle. For shame woman! AoH has only been one of my consistent-listenings for the past to years, the least I can do is give them a paragraph or two (Especially seeing as I was able two go to their gig in Kingston :3). The Toronto based band has a (wait for it) indie (you could have guessed)/rock/alt sound and was formed by Andrew Whiteman. Whiteman was also asked to be a full time member of Broken Social Scene and is their lead guitarist. However, lets not limit the man to only a guitar; he does all of AoH's vocals, and can been surprisingly impressive at times, and also preforms some spanish verse as well.

Late in November they preformed in Kingston and that was one of the highlights of the month! aha. Only Whiteman and Dean Stone the drummer were there, but to hear a slightly more acoustic version of their latest album Eats Darkness was just as amazing as the album if not even better. The encore involved Whiteman coming back on stage with a sort of tribal mask, and it's a wonder he could still invoke any vocal sound at all. The evening closes with a friend helping me to meet the band. Can you say I've got a signed poster and got a hug with Andrew Whiteman?? Well I'm guilty! I don't care who knows it! Good gig, great night. I'd recommend them, so if you are just starting out, I would say beginning with their album Folkoric Feel, the 'My Sword Hand's Anger' (best song in personal opinions), and then to their new release.

That's AoH! Feeling a little better knowing that I've done them a bit of justice. Afterall, I got to love-huddle with Whiteman ;)