Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sup DOC?

So I have been thinking lately (as in the last 6 hours) that it has been long enough since I've made my last film. Therefore, after watching a documentary about liars in my psych course today (wonder where I got the idea?), I have decided that I will make one as well. Although it's not going to be a public one. (Which makes it very interesting for the rest of the public reading this-NOT). I figure I can use it as a remind of where I am and trying to go through life, and maybe one day I'll help me out if I get stuck along life's journeysome road.

Seeing as I am keeping this a private viewing (first I should start with making it eh? -I HAVE TO STOP THESE BRACKETS!), this makes for very boring posts. However! Music is a huge component of film, and sounds can either make or break it. Therefore, I have mentally been going through a concert contest of which songs will have the honour of appearing in my pathetic little shpeel.

Today I'm thinking of Laura Veirs opening it with Gallaxies.
Although...I have recently discovered Rain by Priscilla Ahn and it is tempting as well....
There will be more! And desicions will be tough! But this is one of the best parts about
movie magic!

For now the soundtrack contest is still open and I shall keep you updated!

Yours truely,