Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Playlist

I've tried a little update on the blog. Surprise surprise it's a playlist! Forgive me the layout and placement bluntly sucks. It's not actually supposed to go in there, but all the other playlist gadgets weren't working either and I figure this is better than nothing.

So this makes talking about music MUCH easier. Now you can check out Kaki King right here! Sorry I won't be able update all the time and some bands are practically nonexistent and I can't find their music on the playlist site, but put up with it.

Sooo enjoy these couple tracks. There's some good stuff on here!

Yours, Sampanthera

Tex-Mex Night

For starters I've been in a really quiescent mood for the last couple days. The rents are trying to paint my room, however as I share that with a younger sister colours are not easily agreed upon. Stress is high and my room is a disaster so I'm trying my best not to freak out (have I been successful? probably not haha).

But music is the key here! For starters lets begin with Kaki King's song 2 O'clock. Amazing guitarist here, and her vocals aren't too bad. The really captivating thing about her music is her mellifluous unique guitar sounds. If you listen you may recognize her work from the movie August Rush (with Freddie Highmore!!!! :) she actually doubled in for him during the crazy guitar scenes (I thought it was Don Ross, but nope, believe it or not those were girl hands).

Since I haven't written in a while I'll also throw out the song Colleei by Skallander. As I've been feeling pretty mellow lately this song has been mirroring my mood, but it's very worth listening to if you have a second! Just a little tim-bit (why should Canadians say tid-bit when we can say tim-bit?) Skallander is a duo from New Zealand who have been playing together in various bands since high school. So check them out too if you can!

That should be all for now! And for those of us who don't know what mellifuous is, it means smooth and sweet sounding. :) I like it!

Until the next!
Yours, Sampanthera

P.S. Just watch X3 last night and I haven't seen it in a while and I am sooo pumped for the Wolverine movie coming out in MAY! Just to let you know ;)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Les Artists

Current song obsession: Les Artists by Santogold

Not normally my favourite type of music in comparison to the usually mellow guitar melodies, but this one's got a bit of spunk and edge to it. It's sort of a nice break. There's a pop/indie sound in it, that separates it from mainstream which is always a bonus. Check it out! :D

As for other news! I just learned a new word yesterday: wanton! I always thought it was just a name for some Chinese soup or something, but apparently it exists, meaning reckless or without morals! So today I have not participated in any wanton-foolery. Hope that makes sense! ;)

Until our next chat!
Yours, Sampanthera

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Soooo Blogging eh?

I surrender. I am now entering the forces of "the blog."
It seems utterly ridiculous for various reasons:
a) I am terrible at following through with things like this and wonder if a second post will exist in the near (or distant) future.
b) I'm bound to forget my password.
c) My spelling is hideous.
d) Who cares what I have to say? :O

Oh well we shall see what the future holds in store! Until the next mysterious day I update!
Faithfully yours,