Monday, August 15, 2011

Some Aussi For Yah'

Do you like Foster The People? How about Maroon 5? Throw in a random splash of Harry Connick Jr (Listen to: China Will Wait. Yes, Katharine I am directly speaking to you)? Yes, they all had a love child who became the band Hungry Kids of Hungary. I will only tell you that I like them, and you should too. I'm a democrat. Shoot me.
(I'm kidding, never listen to any political bullocks I may try and use).

Monday, July 18, 2011

Not the most creative video, but I do really enjoy the song. Perhaps because I dance just like him ahahha

Monday, March 7, 2011

HOLY POOP-TARTS! It's a new Playlist WHAAA?

I forgot how much fun these are to make. I liked the last one a lot, but this one incorporates a bit more indie-pop/rock and less acoustic folk. I'm excited for it. Keep in mind some of these songs are older favourites from earlier in the year, and others are current and future favourites. Yes, I say future favourites because I think you can only continue to love Bishop Allen (Can you tell I am still really excited about these guys?). Enjoy loves!


Just Look How Awesome

I finally some good mid-2000s indie lovin' for this blog! (Has anyone noticed that indie is now composed of a techno-esque core? Buuuuuuggh why?!)
Bishop Allen is a band formed in 2003 by two former Harvard student-friends, Justin Rice and Christian Rudder. Their biggest song Click Click Click is a catchy little tune full of happy guitar chords, which are offset by cow bells and trinkly bells. Being as it is so catchy and revolving about picture taking, it is only fitting that Sony used it for one of their camera ads a few years back.
After listening to their latest album Grrr... [2009] I'm rapidly developing a new small obsession. These guys are simply brilliant! They include such a broad range of instruments, especially in the percussion and the odd little xylophones which can be heard in the background. They aren't what you expect when you throw music on and I love that! Especially because they have one of those styles in which you heard a new riff or harmony every time you listen to a song.
These guys get playlist privileges for sure, and a pok√©mon ranking of a solid original series diamond. ♦ So go youtube their Grrr... album and listen to anything!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Soildiering On

I am so excited!

I haven't been updating lately, sure that's partial laziness on my behalf (also partly because KT, Jesca Hoop and McLachlans new releases were all relative let downs for me which sadly lead to a lack of faith in the music industry, being that those females are the basis of my musical founding), but I also haven't come across a group that I enjoy more than a song or two. It's been a loooooong time since I've been able to hear something that I'm like "yup! These guys have the entire package!" but I've finally sat down and dedicated the time to find a group who's worthy of being claimed talented.

The Temper Trap, was founded by Dougy, an Indonesian who travelled island to island with his family as a young boy, finally settled in Australia for a humble life of busking and making custom clothing. Long story short, coworkers form bands, adopt little kid-boy-brother-drummer and after a few years of garage practice they make their way across the Land Down Under. Slowly getting their music out to the international public, I'm almost ashamed I haven't come across them earlier since their latest single has appeared in numerous commercials, and both movie and TV ads alike.

Sweet Dispositionis a superb song, and if you look at it's accomplishments on paper you get the hint that mayyyybe this is going to be a little too mainstream. Although it has a stellar drum line and a great guitar riff (sounding extremely Coldplayish), I find that they differentiate themselves with a more organic indie style. It's near perfect as they haven't yet been touched by that monster mainstream's claws, and you can tell this is music produced with loving affection for the sake of producing music. I love it. That being said, personal favourite as of now would have to be Down River for it's emphasis on the percussion and the dreamy sidekick vocals of the chorus (a catchy chorus at that).

I suppose I can start making this really easy for you by including direct links to Youtube haha. Consider this a year-long Christmas gift or something. I'm giving you their song Soldier On as it's my typical mellow music preference. Now it just forces you to find their upbeat stuff (you're welcome).
(My oopsie, don't be lazy and copy paste it)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Click To Fall In Love

Alright, I'm not going to delve into how bad of a blogger I am. That would be silly as you should be here for the awesome music you get to discover; not for my paltry personal tidbits (on a side note, don't you believe that TimBits should just be called TidBits? It's adorable and oh so much more logical! ...yeah I can't promise you won't be receiving a few personal comments?)

ANYWHO! I randomly ran into this boy via YouTube and I admit I was slightly unimpressed at the beginning of the song. He's just another of the million indie-sappy-teenage-seeking-famers out there, but let me tell you why Matt Lungley is different! This up-and-coming youthful musician comes from Kent, England, which is reason enough to give him a shot. Who doesn't want to listen to the pure magnificence of the British Accent?!?

His new EP Insecurities showcases his soothing voice with his unique style of harmonizing with multiple tracks and separate melodies. Towards the end of the song, the classical acoustic qualities transform into a jazzy tune of ear massaging goodness without overbearingly switching genres. Genius really, because it leaves the listener with a prolonged urge to relisten to it-IMMEDIATELY! It also doesn't hurt that this kid is adorable and I want to smother him with huggings! Haha kidding. Overall favourite part of the song is how he pronounces his lyrics (note: the 'adore you's)

Now I've made this really easy for you this time. All you have to do is click this link. Right below. Just click it to fall in love.
Enjoy long-lost Musifriends.
Yours. Smpnthr