Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Late Slip

So my faithful writings have lately become unfaithful. I would apologize but I've been legit-busy (supposedly). So the whole inspiration with the documentary isn't as empowering as it was but I'm still in search of a soundtrack!

Lately I've encountered a lot of great crazy-indie music and of course the good 'ole fashioned folk stuff. One song I went through a huge faze of was (ready? It's a mouthful) For The Widows In Paradise, For The Fatherless in Ypsilanti by Sufjan Stevens. It sounds like a horrible banjo-country song to begin with, but honestly the susurrus coo's of his voice make it relax-a-tastic! (btw for those readers who don't understand the complex word: susurrus, it signifies whispering/murmurs. And for those who know how to pronounce it, it is a wonderful word to use! ...and if you can-fill me in eh?)

Another really nice acoustic song is Blankets by the Ottawa based band The Acorn (pretty sure I've previously written about them, but they're Canadian and I get bragging rights to mention them again). Composed of mellowness and an up-beat chorus, I warn you it is catchy.

With this small contribution of today's music, I am leaving you with this!
Not guaranteeing, but trying to faithfully commit to writing,
Yours Sampanthera

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Al said...

I couldn't find a good sample of the Blankets song, just a really bad scratchy clip from YouTube, but it seems relaxing o: