Sunday, February 1, 2009


Like my nice attempt at Roman numerals in the title? Oh so classy.

So todays song is one I've been listening to for a while now! School of Seven Bells is a band from New York with the vocals by twins sisters whose names I cannot remember! However I do know they are playing in Detroit on Feb. 13th and you can go see them for only $12! :O I know! But I can't go because of other obligations and also the minor transportation issue. But my favourite song of theirs Half Asleep is added on the playlist so you can listen to it here; it is numero 10 ! I know there are some technical difficulties with this thing (it may glitch a bit at first but be patient with it, it only needs some love). I also got bored one day while listening to it, so I painted some lyrics in my journal (Sorry for the low quality picture from my phone-this is sort of for the artist who gave my the paints since she requested some pictures :). It's a bit more techno/electronic/synth-pop or whatever people call it these days, but I've really enjoyed it!

Word for today? Rancor, meaning hate. Just like how I hate my poor moral choices.

This should be enough rambling for one day! Enjoy the snow folks, and go out sledding and maybe I'll see you there.

Faithfully yours, Sampanthera


Scorchy said...

If you mean what I think you mean when you say "poor moral choices" then I believe I have reason to be a tad bit angry with you. D:< Look at that face!

Al said...

aww sorry you can't go to the concert. And nice artwork there. Your phone camera rocks xD

Rancor? Like the big monster in Star Wars that gets crushed by the gate? >_<

hope things have been going well :]