Monday, February 23, 2009

My Worst Creeper Moment...Ever!

So here's a chance where I could share a bit about my own music. Unfortunately the story that goes along with it is slight (Edit-scratch: A lot) creepery. I happened to write a song a while ago inspired by a certain boy I might fancy, and I have finally recorded it last night. And what do you know while on the bus I have a perfect view of him waiting outside. As I turn on my music, how ironic that was the last song I was listening to. Perfect cinematography moment though!: Soppy teenage girl sitting on the bus while her crush waits in the snowy coldness, only some headphones and glass window separate her creepiness from the creepee. ...that's not a word... Anyway lets save the personal stories!

Song of the day is inspired by last nights Oscars! Slumdog Millionaire. The little, low budget movie that could! Really good movie if you do get a chance to see it. It deserved all the awards it received! O Saya from the soundtrack would be todays song. Featuring MIA and AR Rahman, it's upbeat and has an action energy to it. While listening to it I can envision James Bond running around India though haha. Although random verse of Spanish in the middle of it-? No clue! So there's our culture song for the next bit!

Sorry I've been unfaithful in the updates! Online courses are a pain to catch up on.
Yours, Sampanthera


Al said...

I thought I was your worst creeper momen--- oh wait, you don't know about that, my bad. Leaked out top-secret information~

well, that's one of those coincidental moments alright~ But I find those moments great xD Always stick in your head. Especially when you have someone else there. Like "Remember the time-- happened?"

But that's nice to hear you have a crush on some mysterious boy on your bus. Who knows, maybe this will go somewhere!~

Haven't sen that movie either O:

And nice imagination, seeing James bond running around through India~

Good to hear from ya.

Scorchy said...

Oh dearest, I absolutely love how creepy we've all become this year. You with A, and me watching B's every move practically. Seriously, nice bum. Remind me to tell you what happened in math class with Rex and Ashley. Lovelove, <3