Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Count Sickula

So being sick is all nice an fun for a day of sitting on your butt and watching Jim Henson DVDs, but there comes a time when the maddness simply must stop! Missing the basketball game because of a virus? *gasp* :O Terrible I know, and now I must get better!

To do that, I have been constantly listening to todays song: Funeral Dress by William Fitzsimmons. Slightly morbid name, and it's not the most upbeat song either, but it's just what you need when your feeling a bit under the weather! Mr. Fitzsimmons was born to two blind parents (and I thought I had it bad) and therefore grew up to a wide assortment of different musical sounds. If you are a fan of Death Cab For Cutie or Iron & Wine I strongly suggest giving this man a try. If you do, I know you'll be grateful because his unique melodies, soothing voice and emotional lyrics are just what a person needs for a pick-me (you?)-up sometimes! So give him a chance!

That's it for now as I am going to hopefully make a nice chai tea and take another 18 hour nap.

Cheers fellows!
Yours, Sampanthera

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Dfer said...

Eee get well soon..and I hope the tea was good.. and that's a long nap..

Happy Valentine's day btw~