Monday, February 28, 2011

Soildiering On

I am so excited!

I haven't been updating lately, sure that's partial laziness on my behalf (also partly because KT, Jesca Hoop and McLachlans new releases were all relative let downs for me which sadly lead to a lack of faith in the music industry, being that those females are the basis of my musical founding), but I also haven't come across a group that I enjoy more than a song or two. It's been a loooooong time since I've been able to hear something that I'm like "yup! These guys have the entire package!" but I've finally sat down and dedicated the time to find a group who's worthy of being claimed talented.

The Temper Trap, was founded by Dougy, an Indonesian who travelled island to island with his family as a young boy, finally settled in Australia for a humble life of busking and making custom clothing. Long story short, coworkers form bands, adopt little kid-boy-brother-drummer and after a few years of garage practice they make their way across the Land Down Under. Slowly getting their music out to the international public, I'm almost ashamed I haven't come across them earlier since their latest single has appeared in numerous commercials, and both movie and TV ads alike.

Sweet Dispositionis a superb song, and if you look at it's accomplishments on paper you get the hint that mayyyybe this is going to be a little too mainstream. Although it has a stellar drum line and a great guitar riff (sounding extremely Coldplayish), I find that they differentiate themselves with a more organic indie style. It's near perfect as they haven't yet been touched by that monster mainstream's claws, and you can tell this is music produced with loving affection for the sake of producing music. I love it. That being said, personal favourite as of now would have to be Down River for it's emphasis on the percussion and the dreamy sidekick vocals of the chorus (a catchy chorus at that).

I suppose I can start making this really easy for you by including direct links to Youtube haha. Consider this a year-long Christmas gift or something. I'm giving you their song Soldier On as it's my typical mellow music preference. Now it just forces you to find their upbeat stuff (you're welcome).
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