Sunday, February 27, 2011

Click To Fall In Love

Alright, I'm not going to delve into how bad of a blogger I am. That would be silly as you should be here for the awesome music you get to discover; not for my paltry personal tidbits (on a side note, don't you believe that TimBits should just be called TidBits? It's adorable and oh so much more logical! ...yeah I can't promise you won't be receiving a few personal comments?)

ANYWHO! I randomly ran into this boy via YouTube and I admit I was slightly unimpressed at the beginning of the song. He's just another of the million indie-sappy-teenage-seeking-famers out there, but let me tell you why Matt Lungley is different! This up-and-coming youthful musician comes from Kent, England, which is reason enough to give him a shot. Who doesn't want to listen to the pure magnificence of the British Accent?!?

His new EP Insecurities showcases his soothing voice with his unique style of harmonizing with multiple tracks and separate melodies. Towards the end of the song, the classical acoustic qualities transform into a jazzy tune of ear massaging goodness without overbearingly switching genres. Genius really, because it leaves the listener with a prolonged urge to relisten to it-IMMEDIATELY! It also doesn't hurt that this kid is adorable and I want to smother him with huggings! Haha kidding. Overall favourite part of the song is how he pronounces his lyrics (note: the 'adore you's)

Now I've made this really easy for you this time. All you have to do is click this link. Right below. Just click it to fall in love.
Enjoy long-lost Musifriends.
Yours. Smpnthr

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