Monday, March 7, 2011

Just Look How Awesome

I finally some good mid-2000s indie lovin' for this blog! (Has anyone noticed that indie is now composed of a techno-esque core? Buuuuuuggh why?!)
Bishop Allen is a band formed in 2003 by two former Harvard student-friends, Justin Rice and Christian Rudder. Their biggest song Click Click Click is a catchy little tune full of happy guitar chords, which are offset by cow bells and trinkly bells. Being as it is so catchy and revolving about picture taking, it is only fitting that Sony used it for one of their camera ads a few years back.
After listening to their latest album Grrr... [2009] I'm rapidly developing a new small obsession. These guys are simply brilliant! They include such a broad range of instruments, especially in the percussion and the odd little xylophones which can be heard in the background. They aren't what you expect when you throw music on and I love that! Especially because they have one of those styles in which you heard a new riff or harmony every time you listen to a song.
These guys get playlist privileges for sure, and a pok√©mon ranking of a solid original series diamond. ♦ So go youtube their Grrr... album and listen to anything!

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