Sunday, December 27, 2009

What's Overhead?

What is better than a good band? This is no trick question; it's obviously a good Canadian band! The up-and-coming ambient rock band from Victoria BC, Jets Overhead, is slowly appearing more frequently on the radio with their new album No Nations. This five piece group started out in 2006 with Bridges, they made the album available for free downloads because, hey, everyone illegally downloads anyways, so why not start something new? ( a year later Radiohead adopted the idea and received much more publicity for it).

What does Jets Overhead offer to music aficionados? Jets not only uses your tradish rock instruments like their soft lead guitar, but incorporates piano/syths to offset the percussion and bass. They also use effective harmonies between male/female lead singers, providing the correct amount of transtastical resonance.

Jets Overhead have been on tour with Lights over the last few months, and I was fortunate enough to have seen them about a month ago (don't ask why I don't update after actually going to shows. I have no reasonable answer). They preform a good live show, and lead singer Adam Kittredge keeps the energy coming, overall they definitely sold me after the first two songs they played. Headed For Nowhere is probably their current most recognizable song, but Sun Sun Sun is the most played of their's on my iTunes as that was their opening song that I most enjoyed.

I've really enjoyed listening to their music, and that's not only because they are Canadian and also watch Flight Of The Conchords :P I do hope you enjoy them, because it looks like we shall get more of them in the future! Or so I'm hoping....

Hasta Luego,

P.S. I want to apologize for my ridiculous spelling errors. I was rereading the last two and I was horrified, and when I tried to correct myself I happened upon more technical difficulties with editing posts. Grah. So now I have to look like an imbecile for those posts. In my pathetic defence, these usually are written when I'm half asleep. Lamesauce answer, I know I know.

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