Sunday, December 27, 2009

Best For Last?

I cannot believe my screen. I cannot believe that I have posted nothing, indeed, nothing about Apostle Of Hustle. For shame woman! AoH has only been one of my consistent-listenings for the past to years, the least I can do is give them a paragraph or two (Especially seeing as I was able two go to their gig in Kingston :3). The Toronto based band has a (wait for it) indie (you could have guessed)/rock/alt sound and was formed by Andrew Whiteman. Whiteman was also asked to be a full time member of Broken Social Scene and is their lead guitarist. However, lets not limit the man to only a guitar; he does all of AoH's vocals, and can been surprisingly impressive at times, and also preforms some spanish verse as well.

Late in November they preformed in Kingston and that was one of the highlights of the month! aha. Only Whiteman and Dean Stone the drummer were there, but to hear a slightly more acoustic version of their latest album Eats Darkness was just as amazing as the album if not even better. The encore involved Whiteman coming back on stage with a sort of tribal mask, and it's a wonder he could still invoke any vocal sound at all. The evening closes with a friend helping me to meet the band. Can you say I've got a signed poster and got a hug with Andrew Whiteman?? Well I'm guilty! I don't care who knows it! Good gig, great night. I'd recommend them, so if you are just starting out, I would say beginning with their album Folkoric Feel, the 'My Sword Hand's Anger' (best song in personal opinions), and then to their new release.

That's AoH! Feeling a little better knowing that I've done them a bit of justice. Afterall, I got to love-huddle with Whiteman ;)

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Artgirl said...

Hi Sam! Just read your review of AoH! Glad to see you back posting. I like their sound. I am also glad that you got to see him (Andrew Whiteman) in person. I always love live concerts! I went to two this month.

Also, GREAT banner for this blog! Wow! You need to teach me how to do this! Did you use photoshop? Picnik? Let me know, OK?

Gotta run! Enjoy the rest of your time at home! Ciao for now. xo AA