Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Les Artists

Current song obsession: Les Artists by Santogold

Not normally my favourite type of music in comparison to the usually mellow guitar melodies, but this one's got a bit of spunk and edge to it. It's sort of a nice break. There's a pop/indie sound in it, that separates it from mainstream which is always a bonus. Check it out! :D

As for other news! I just learned a new word yesterday: wanton! I always thought it was just a name for some Chinese soup or something, but apparently it exists, meaning reckless or without morals! So today I have not participated in any wanton-foolery. Hope that makes sense! ;)

Until our next chat!
Yours, Sampanthera


Artgirl said...

YES!!!! You figured it out! Congratulations! Now I don't have to leave you messages on your e-mail site all the time.

So, interesting list of musicians? (Are they all musicians on the Obsession List, or are some of them authors?)

So, here's one for you to check out. Google Jon Troast. If the google shows his my space site, or personal web, you will have a chance to listen to about 5 of his songs. Tell me what you think! I'm thinking of seeing if he wants to do one of his $100.00 living room concerts here! In around March, he wants to do 100 concerts for $100.00 in 100 days in a ROW! He needs bookings!

OK, well, I have to go and check out my other mail. I just got back from doing errands, and I have to get ready for Rotary (6:00 - 7:15pm), and then leave early to see our special movie-of-the-month at the theatre, "The Secret Life of Bees." If you haven't read the book, do it!!!!!!! I KNOW you will love it!

Chau for now bella! (Hugs)
Aunt Annie

Artgirl said...

Hello High Blogstress Sampanthera, .... what are you doing this weekend?