Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Musical Goodness

Welcome to twentyten everybody! It is my great pleasure to introduce to you the new playlist, filled with a random assortment of indie, folk, and alternative. These are some of my newer favs and some older ones which I haven't talked about yet. Unfortunately the html code doesn't completely fit the website so I have it playing on random (hint, if you'd like a bit more control, you can find the pop-out screen button on the bottom which will bring it out to a new window).

There's a few artists who I've recently spoke about, such as Ani DiFranco, Jets Overhead and...actually that may be it right now.

Anywhozzer! Take a sneak peak for what's coming up next!


1 comment:

Scorchy said...

I enjoy that you're updating more. AND, I enjoy that you quoted Nietzsche. ;)
I DO NOT enjoy that nowwww I know why you aren't done that essay of yours! :P LOL. GET TO WORK.
lovelove. <3